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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Final Destination: Craig Perry

1) The first three Final Destination films were successfully released at the
beginning of the year. The Final Destination 3-D fixed what wasn't broken
with its Labor Day release and ended up with a franchise high gross, also
proving that the series could compete in the competitive summer market. Are
you surprised that the Final Destination films continue to grow in
popularity a decade after the series' inception?

Trust me, you never take it for granted so it’s always gratifying when a movie performs well. But I give credit to Warner Bros. They took the existing FD fan base and expanded it on a worldwide basis beyond my wildest dreams. So when they wanted us to make another movie, we saw it as an opportunity to go back to basics and deliver the best movie yet for the fans. And I think we did! FD5 is a significant improvement over all the previous films. I can’t wait for people to see it August 12th.

2) What is a key ingredient to the Final Destination series' longevity?
I believe the unique combination of commercial and contemplative has given this franchise its long legs. Look, first and foremost we’re trying to make an entertaining movie, a fun thrill ride everyone can enjoy. But if you look a little deeper, we explore issues of free will, determinism, fate, destiny, etc. These themes, with their often inherent contradictions, give the franchise a more intelligent and serious backbone than the standard slasher movie. It’s a concept that’s relatable, accessible and deeply rooted in the human psyche.

Everyone wonders when and how they’re going to die, and whether the choices they’ve made have played into their demise. And who hasn’t experienced a feeling of déjà vu? Or imagined something bad was going to happen… and it did? By investing everyday situations and items with a sentient malevolence – literally the hand of Death manipulating objects and events to cause someone to die – the stage is set physically and psychologically for some very unnerving setpieces. Which hopefully lead to a lot of fun in the theater!

3) Final Destination 5 is scheduled for release exactly two years after the
release of the fourth entry. Warner Bros. announced the release date in May,
2010, months before filming began. Have you ever worked with such an early,
predetermined release date?

Only once before, with AMERICAN PIE 2. That was nuts. But it’s a high-class problem to have. Despite the obvious challenges, a set release date forces a tremendous focus of creative energy and financial resources. Everyone has to be on-board from the word “go,” which provides a unique level of security in what is a very insecure business.

4) Do you feel the August 26, 2011 release date allowed a sufficient amount
of time for a production as big and logistically complicated as a Final
Destination film?

Yes. That’s what preproduction is all about! We had a great team generate an airtight plan to get it done. But more importantly, the movie we captured worked. Everything fell into place quickly. So we’re way ahead of schedule in terms of finishing it, which is a huge relief. And it’s allowed us to pull the release date back to August 12th.

5) Does it get easier to make a Final Destination film over time, or is the
series getting even more challenging with the growing scale and puzzles of
the effects sequences?

Absolutely. It’s getting much, much harder to come up with fresh setpieces that are relatable yet carry intrinsic, implied danger. I mean, let’s be honest – this franchise has put a dark twist on nearly every business and setting it has used. Dentistry, kitchens, tanning beds, rollercoasters, planes, home improvement centers, hell, even your own kitchen. Nothing is safe and nothing is sacred! It’s actually sort of distressing. I can’t walk down the street anymore without seeing a thousand ways I might die.

6) The opening disaster scenes in the first four Final Destination
films all involve man's failure to control travel technologies, from a plane
and automobiles to a roller coaster. With its reported suspension bridge
collapse, it appears that Final Destination 5's opening set piece tackles a
different kind of disaster; the crumbling of America's infrastructure. This
particular tragedy we have witnessed repeatedly over recent decades, from
the December 15, 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge over the Ohio river to
the August 1, 2007 Minnesota bridge collapse over the Mississippi. Does this
shift to a darker disaster scene foretell a scarier approach to Final
Destination 5 on a whole?

We were most interested in exploiting the sense of helpless vertigo one gets when stuck on a large-span bridge. Look left or right, it seems like you’re a mile off the ground. And then you realize there’s nothing underneath you – just a dreadful three-hundred-yard fall to your watery demise. The fact that there have been several tragedies on bridges only solidifies the fears people have about being trapped on them. Moreover, experiencing those rubbery-leg moments in 3D is amazing. The opening bridge sequence in this movie feels like something out of a $150mm summer blockbuster. It’s staggering.

7) Longtime fans of the series are excited by the return of the
mysterious Mr. Bludworth, who we last saw in Final Destination 2. When was
it decided to bring fan favorite Tony Todd back into the franchise, and what
can fans expect from his return?

We tried to get Tony back in TFD, but scheduling wouldn’t permit it. He’s a valued and beloved part of this franchise. We knew the moment we got the go-ahead to start developing another installment that he would have a critical role in the story.

Fans can expect some classic Tony Todd in the new movie. He’s creepy, intimidating, darkly funny and generally awesome.

8)When The Final Destination 3-D was searching for a release date, the
number of 3-D films and 3-D equipped screens in the marketplace appeared to
be a major consideration. Is that the case now, or has there been a
proliferation of 3-D equipped theaters that makes for an easier release

While there are certainly more screens than ever for 3D movies, getting in as many as possible is still the premium objective. Thankfully, we have an established brand. It gives us some latitude when we enter the marketplace.

9) The first three Final Destination films were filmed in Vancouver, BC,
but the fourth film moved the production to New Orleans. What prompted the
decision to move the production of Final Destination 5 back to its original
Vancouver location?

It’s always a question of economics, but Vancouver also offered tremendous ease of use. There are terrific, experienced crews based there, many of whom were familiar with the rigors of making these movies. Given how technically complicated FD5 was, it made sense to go back. Most of all, however, Vancouver is home to the Lions Gate Bridge, which creatively was the perfect bridge for us to bring down in spectacular fashion for the opening setpiece.

10) Have you ever had the urge to turn an American Pie entry into a
Dead Teenager movie?

AMERICAN DESTINATION: FINAL PIE… coming soon to a theater near you!

Interview by Armando Munoz and Michael Coulombe

Final Destination 5 Trailer

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Slice of Sci-Fi

Slice of Sci-Fi

Listen as Brooke Lewis interviews Festival Directors, Michael Coulombe, Jamie Kristen, and Director of Programming Chris Gaida

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Looking for the Ultimate Horror or Sci-Fi Fan

The Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival is looking for the Ultimate Horror and/or Sci-Fi Fan to be a judge at their 2011 film festival.

“Filmmakers don’t just make movies for other filmmakers, they make movies for movie-goers as well,” says Chris Gaida, Director of Programming. “The Ultimate Horro-Fi Fan is a good way to reward a fan and allow them to be part of the festival experience. When we decided to create a new blend of horror and sci-fi, we knew we had to find those fans that best embody that brand.”

A Horro-Fi fan is someone who loves the genre of horror and/or science fiction; the kind of fan that knows the smallest part of trivia or minutia detail of a specific movie/title of that genre.

The contest begins Monday, March 21, 2011.

The basic concept works like this:
1) Take a video, no longer than 2 minutes, and tell us why you think you should be the next Ultimate Horro-Fi Fan.
2) Be creative.
3) Submit the video and the submission form to us.

All entries will be uploaded to the website. The video that gets the most votes will win. It’s simple and fun. The complete guidelines and submission form can be found on the website at

Jamie Kristen, Founder and Co-Producer of the Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival says “We look forward to this contest every year. We feel that including a fan to be on the judging panel adds diversity and a unique perspective.”

The 2011 Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival dates are September 30th - Oct 2nd in Big Bear Lake, CA. Submissions are now being considered for competition. For more information please visit the festival’s official website

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Signing with Adrienne Barbeau

The Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival partnered with Barnes and Noble at the Grove in Los Angeles, CA to present an evening with Adrienne Barbeau as she discussed her new adventure into writing and signed her new book Love Bites.

Barbeau is best known for her roles in such classic horror films as Swamp Thing, Creepshow, and The Fog.

The event was held on Friday, March 4, 2011 and was well attended by fans of both Adrienne and the genre of horror including Harry Manfredini, composer of Friday the 13th, and Swamp Thing; Brooke Lewis, producer, and scream queen; Jeffrey Reddick, writer of Final Destination; Tom DeSanto, producer of X-Men and Transformers; and Kerry O’Quinn, creator of genre magazines Fangoria and Starlog.

Michael Coulombe, Founder and Co-Producer of the Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival said, “It was great to see such a great collection of amazing talent to come and support not only this new festival but such a wonderful woman who has contributed greatly to the world of entertainment.”

The dates for the 2011 Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival will be held September 30th - Oct 2nd in Big Bear Lake, CA. Submissions are now being taken. For more information please visit the festival’s official website

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Book Signing With Adrienne Barbeau

Friday, March 4, 2011 7pm
Barnes and Noble at the Grove
189 The Grove Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90036

323.525.0270 or 323.604.9874 or email

For more info:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Zombie Girl

1. Where did the idea of Zombie Girl originate from?

From seeing Emily's casting call for her zombie movie. We contacted her family to find out more and things took off from there.

2. Do you prefer documentary films over narrative?

Not really. As long as a movie is good, the genre doesn't matter.

3. How did you raise the money for this film?

We started shooting with pretty much no money. Then as we went along, we were able to raise a bit through fundraisers and then get a couple investors onboard.

4. How long was your shoot?

It took Emily about two years to make her film, so we followed her on and off for much of that time.

5. What is your favorite horror film?


6. What is your next project?

Most likely a comedy that I'm writing.

7. What are the advantages of shooting a documentary?

The biggest advantages are that you don't need much money to get started and you don't need a script. You can just grab a camera and start rolling.

8. What are the disadvantages of shooting a documentary?

The spontaneity that makes documentaries so great can also provide its biggest challenge. Your story and your timeframe is fully dependent upon how things actually unfold. And there are no chances to grab a second take of a scene if you failed to capture it the first time. Making a documentary saves you time in preproduction, but postproduction makes up for it. That's when the writing of the story begins.

9. What was it like being a part of the Big Bear Horror Film Festival?

It was great. It's always fun to see Zombie Girl with an audience fluent in the language of zombie films. Plus, it was in Big Bear! I'll jump at any excuse to visit there!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Festival Winner The Open Door Gets UK Deal

With a sizeable bunch of festival accolades under its belt, Doc Duhame's directorial debut The Open Door will be released on DVD in the UK in February 2011 from Second Sight Films.

Written and directed by Doc Duhame, this creepy chiller features a cast of hot young stars including Catherine Georges, Sarah Christine Smith (Scream 2, C.S.I.), Daniel Booko (Fast And The Furious:Tokyo Drift, The O.C.) and Ryan Doom (C.S.I., 90210).

High school beauty Angelica (Georges) is fed up with her life and most of the people in it and is looking for a solution. The answer comes in the guise of a new pirate radio station that promises to make wishes come true. What begins as an Urban Legend becomes a living hell as she unwittingly opens the door to an evil entity that preys upon the souls of the innocent and turns her dreams into a living nightmare.

Winner of the Audience Choice Award at the LA Shriekfest, Best Feature Film at Horror UK and Best Make-up at the Big Bear Horror Film Festival, The Open Door will be released on DVD on 14 February 2011.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big Changes Planned

Contact: Michael Coulombe
T/ 323-604-9874

Big changes planned for Big Bear Horror Film Festival

Big Bear Lake, California
January 10, 2011

In 2009 Horror was the biggest thing to hit Big Bear. In 2011 they again will be hit hard as Evil Kitty Productions brings back this year’s Big Bear Horror Film Festival but with a new and exciting twist: Sci-Fi!

Big Bear Lake, CA welcomes the Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival.

“We will still represent horror – it’s what we are known for,” says Jamie Kristen, Festival Director, “but we definitely feel it’s time to expand. Science fiction and horror are synonymous in so many ways.”

So to signify the inclusion of Sci-Fi into the festival the name has been changed to the Big Bear Horro-Fi Film Festival. Evil Kitty Productions promises to put together a great program of both Horror and Sci-Fi under this year’s Director of Programming Chris Gaida.

The dates for the 2011 festival will be held September 30 - Oct 2 in Big Bear Lake, CA. For more information please visit the festival’s official website